Corporate Philosophy and Quality Policy

Corporate Philosophy

Our mission is to provide the product and service with which people will feel comfortable and excited to use computers and network. Through such business we will contribute to making the world more affluent.

Quality Policy

  1. Securing the quality that our customers expect is the foundation of our business.
  2. Our basic principle is to be always faithful to agreements we make with our customers for functions, performance, quality, and costs in the product and service (Zero defect). We commit ourselves to understanding this principle and acting accordingly in every operation to ensure quality.

  3. We efficiently set work systems (QMS) and understand / fulfill the corporate mission.
  4. We enlighten ourselves to always adapt systems and the scope of responsibilities to the environment and to improve and expand our roles and responsibility in its quantity and quality. The organization commits itself to employee education and support to that end.

  5. We squarely face complains and promptly address them.
  6. Should our product is found defective, we never hide the fact, prioritize recovery and promptly work out the best possible solution. At the same time, we thoroughly investigate the cause to provide a satisfactory explanation both internally and externally.