Message from the President

代表取締役社長 写真

"When it Absolutely Must Connect"

silex is a group of wireless experts with the vision of pursuing "absolutely must connect wireless technology”, operating at the headquarters in the Keihanna district of Kyoto. We provide various wireless products and services to device and system manufacturers. Our expertise lies in hardware and software embedded technology and thorough customer support offered by engineers who are passionate about achieving reliable connectivity.

Our company tag line, "When it Absolutely Must Connect", which is on our business card, expresses our commitment to supporting a customer's request of connectivity when they need it.

Such commitment is found in our embedded modules that enable remote data monitoring and operation of medical devices and industrial machines, wireless infrastructure products that promise reliable and stable wireless video transmission in school classrooms, conference solution products that facilitate efficient collaboration among participants, and so on.

Fill the Global Markets with “silex-addicted” Customers

Social distancing seems to stay for some time. The time like this requires robust connectivity among devices or people much more than ever. There, we strongly believe that the various wireless and embedded technology and know-how we have cultivated over 40 years since our founding will definitely play a crucial role. Our desire to fulfill such expectation is shared not only in Japan but also with our global team members of North America, Europe, China and India.

We will continue our aggressive quest for satisfying our customers’ connectivity needs by listening to each customer’s voice, so that we can fill the global market with “silex-addicted” customers.

We look forward to your continued support and guidance.

President and CEO
Nobuhiko Miura