Message from the President

"When it Absolutely Must Connect"
Silex will be your reliable partner when you want connectivity or reliable, secure wireless for your product.

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Thank you for your interest in Silex Technology, Inc.

As you can see in our newly established line of products and services, our focus has been dynamically shifting to wireless and connectivity.

Since we released our first print server in Japan 20 some years ago, we have been providing highly reliable, robust network technology and products, and, as a result, we are blessed with recognition of many printer manufactures and such peripheral device makers all over the world. As a demand for wireless is growing, we are energetically working on wireless LAN and network technology by leveraging the connectivity technology and knowhow that we have been building up. As a result, we have received steady recognition from many of our customers for our wireless LAN achievements in various areas.

There are a variety of requests in the market such as wireless for one's product, stable wireless for tough environments, or enterprise-level security. We will continue to design innovations, and offer our technology and knowhow, so that we can work with customers to boost their business values.

The wireless market has endless possibilities and it is a good growing market. For that reason, its technology, products, services and the surrounding environment, are also advancing at an astonishing speed. There, we have attained many successes in providing wireless solutions for various applications like printers, scanners, medical equipment, measuring devices, industrial devices, in-vehicle systems, and HEMS, or wireless transmission devices/products for digital signage, education, factories and offices, or wireless connectivity for various tablet terminals. I hope you experience Team Silex who leads the market by sensing changes and advancement in technology, flexibility to support various volumes from engineering samples to mass production of some hundreds of thousands, and fortitude to solve issues.

"When it Absolutely Must Connect"
Silex will be your reliable partner when you want robust connectivity or reliable, secure wireless for your product.

We will continue to work with customers and rise to the challenges of technology, which we hope you can feel on this web.

Yoshio Okano
President and CEO