Message from the President

Nobuhiko Miura, President and CEO

The challenge to create Absolutely Must Connect-ed society

Creating the Absolutely Must Connect wireless environments

We will provide the customer experience best catered to each and every customer by creating the Absolutely Must Connect wireless environments. We will deliver Absolutely Must Connect wireless solutions to medical and industrial devices and systems best utilizing robust and highly reliable wireless technology and embedded know-how of ours.

Nobuhiko Miura, President and CEO


Wireless technology has become commonplace in our daily lives. Silex Technology, since 2005, has been committed to the pursuit of highly stable and reliable wireless technology for situations where it must be connected, driven to increase the value of our customers' products by providing know-how to embed wireless functions, mainly Wi-Fi technology, into their devices.

We are relentlessly passionate about Absolutely Must Connect wireless because wireless networks are now an integral part of critical infrastructure.

Now we are in the post-pandemic era, and wireless technology has been making a significant contribution to the creation of Absolutely Must Connect society. First of all, social activities require that people and information can be connected from anywhere at any time, regardless of any physical distance or obstacles. Furthermore, the daily explosion of technological innovation in various fields on a global scale, with AI at the forefront, will further accelerate the trend to save labor and power. We believe that the technological elements that are essential for the realization of sustainable, safe and secure society will fully demonstrate their expected effects only with the robust wireless environment connecting them in place.

We contribute to the creation of society where people, information, things and environments are absolutely connected without any disruption.

This is the new business vision of Silex Technology who has been passionate about creating wireless devices that absolutely connect. We are striving to develop products and services to create customer value of the next level by combining the wireless know-how we have accumulated and a variety of new technologies.

Silex Technology operates everything in-house, from research and development of hardware and software technology to product design, development and production. Our strength lies in our personal customer service, in which we customize our standard product born out of our commitment to the world's best and world's first technology and know-how to meet the various requirements of each customer application and use case and perfect it by working with customers.

When it Absolutely Must Connect

The Absolutely Must Connect wireless know-how that we have developed with our customers around the world would not be taken as the norm. Silex Technology, however, as a group of professionals who are committed to overcoming myriads of challenges that each customer’s use case presents, makes it the norm by working together with customers and technology partners,

In order to be continuously chosen as your reliable wireless technology partner, we commit ourselves to our tireless and unwavering pursuit of Absolutely Must Connect wireless environment.