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Corporate Philosophy and Quality Policy

Corporate Philosophy

Our mission is to continuously provide the product and service that would make computer and network closer to people and give people a great excitement. We will contribute to realizing more affluent society through our business.

Quality Policy

  1. The foundation for silex's business is to ensure a level of quality our customer expects.
  2. silex's basic principle is to be always faithful to realize the function, performance, quality, and cost we have committed to the customer and never betray the expectation of our customer (Zero defect). All employees must understand this principle and at every process, and properly play their role to ensure quality.

  3. silex is dedicated to establish efficient work system (QMS) and understand / fulfill the companies mission.
  4. We must enlighten ourselves to always adapt system and scope of responsibilities to the environment and to improve and expand all employees' role and responsibility in terms of both quantity and quality. silex will commit to support each employee's will to learn.

  5. In case of a defect, silex is committed to honestly confront and deal with it issue promptly.
  6. In case a defective product enters the market, never hide the fact, always conduct recovery first and think of the best possible solution that can be applied as quickly as possible. At the same time, always investigate the cause, and be ready to provide a satisfactory explanation both internally and externally.

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