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Founded as TASS Service Co. Ltd.
Co-development of ERP system software with NEC; data processing services are provided to wholesalers and retailers using mainframe computer ACOS.
Started computer development business.
Changed the name of the company to Japan Computer Industry, Inc.
Established Design & Manufacturing Center, which handles the entire process from development to trial and mass production.
Opened Tokyo branch.
JC-CONNECT(R)MODEL101Development of UNIX supporting print server: "JC-CONNECT® 101". Launch of new business on network peripheral devices.
Released "JC-CONNECT® 101B," the first printer sever supporting multiple protocols in Japan, and "JC-CONNECT® C-5000 " the first embedded print server in Japan, for Canon LBP Laser Shot.
Launch of OEM services: embedded print servers for printer manufactures.
Opened an office in San Jose , USA
ISO9002 certified
"JCI Falcon" was developed with Toshiba: the first RISC ASIC in Japan dedicated for network peripheral devices.
Opened offices in London, UK and Beijing, China.
Developed TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, AppleTalk and NetBEUI Protocol Stack, and internet software such as HTTP, SMTP, POP and IPP, and modules like SNMP and BSD Socket/RPC for embedded networking system.
Launch of fingerprint authentication business.
Relocation of the London office to Germany established as a subsidiary to cover the European market.
Spin off a Chinese local subsidiary (Beijing office).
Started licensing embedded network protocol stacks on an OEM basis.
ISO9001/2000 certified (JUN)
Established a US subsidiary: silex
technology america, Inc. (MAR)
Changed the company name to silex technology, Inc. (APR)
Listed on the JASDAmarket. Stock Q symbol: 6679 silex. Capital increased to 883,675,000 yen (SEP)
IPv6 Ready Logo ISO14001 certified (MAR)
Capital increased to 1,450,207,000 yen (JUN)
USB Device Server SX-2000WG ptLaunch of a USB device server: "SX-1000U" (JUN)
Released "SX-2000WG", the world's first IEEE 802.11b/g supported wireless USB device server. (JUL)
Developed the first UWB-enabled mini-PCI module in Japan. (SEP)
Developed the first UWB wireless XGA solution in the world. (SEP)
silex technology america, Inc. acquired Wireless & Connectivity Solutions arm of TROY Group, Inc. (REC)
Released "SX-Biometrics Suite with S1", an inner-layer fingerprint authentication sensor (MAY)
Co-development with SAXA, Inc. an authentication printing adapter supporting contactless IC multi-card reader/writer (SEP)
Released "SX Virtual Link (for Macintosh)", software for USB device servers (SEP)
IPv6-IPv4 Converter SX-2600CVLaunch of serial device servers (MAR)
PR of the Video Distribution System in the US (MAY)
silex Embedded Software Suite Keihanna headquarters started full-scale operation as a new innovation center. (JAN)
Built a partnership with Ryoyo Electro Corporation, a leading general electronics trading company through the partner program (JAN)
Added the "isochronous transfer" mode to the wireless USB device server for the first time in the world. (FEB)
Started providing a wireless LAN driver for Windows CE 5.0 / Windows XP Embedded. (FEB)
Released MVDS that is the Japan's first system to transmit videos to multiple displays wirelessly in a real-time manner. (APR)
Rolled out SX-10WAN, an 802.11n(Draft2.0) supported wireless LAN module. (JUN)
Released an authentication printing system with IC cards, "SelecurePrint" connectable to any printers. (JUL)
Built a partnership with Okaya Electronics of a general electronics trading company. (AUG)
SX-3000GB Relocated the Tokyo office to Hamamatsucho. (FEB)
Rolled out Network Display Adapter accommodating multi-display network. (APR)
Atheros Communications appointed us as their technical center (AADC). (MAY)
Released a Gigabit Ethernet supported USB device server. (DEC)
SX-PCEGN Rolled out SX-PCEGN, an PCI Express supported wireless LAN module. (SEP)
Rolled out SX-PCEAN, an PCI Express supported wireless LAN module. (NOV)
The PS-NT100, NTT Group adopted the N-TRANSFER. (OCT)
SX-DS-3000WANReleased SX-DS-4000U2 (USB device server) with ultra-high performance platform. (AUG)
Accepted a takeover bid and became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Murata Machinery, Ltd. Delisted from JASDAQ Market. (DEC)
ModuleModuleReleased "Multicast Distribution System X-5" (JAN)
Released a SDIO wireless LAN module and an intelligent wireless LAN module (JUN)
Launched "SX-LB-4000U" Linux Platform which makes applications available without using PCs (JUL)
Released "SX-AP-4800AN" an Access Point supporting Enterprise Security for business use (NOV)
SX-680 Released embedded wireless bridge module "SX-680". (JAN)
Launched CCX supported supplicant for embedded wireless LAN for the first time in Japan. (APR)
Released wireless LAN Access Point with interactive image transfer, "SX-ND-4350WAN". (DEC)
SX-ULPAN The access point SX-AP-4800AN supported the fast roaming 802.11r (APR)
Released "SX-PCEAC", PCIe module supporting 802.11ac (APR)
Launched "SKY-AP-300AN", an access point supporting SKYMENU Class for education markets (JUL)
Released "SX-ULPAN", IoT wireless LAN module supporting 2.4/5GHz (DEC)
NX-1 Released Wi-Fi site survey device "NX-1" (MAY)
Released "AMC Manager Software" for Wireless Monitoring and Control (JUN)
Released an enterprise wireless bridge "BR-300AN" for logistics, medical and industrials (NOV)
Acquired embWiSe Technology PVT LTD (DEC)
SX-SDMAN2 Released "SX-SDMAN2", a 2x2 SDIO Wireless LAN module supporting 11a/b/g/n & Bluetooth (JAN)
Released "GDR-1150/1250", a remote M2M gateway with LTE/3G modem for industrials (APR)
Released "GDM-3150", a serial/CAN wireless LAN converter with video features (APR)
PR of a USB 3.0 device server featuring enterprise securities "DS-600" (MAY)
PR of a SDIO module supporting 11ac "SX-SDMAC" and an access point "AP-500AC" (MAY)
Released "IoT Wireless Development Kit for RX600/RL78 Series" (MAY)
PR of a USB device server featuring enterprise securities "DS-520AN" (OCT)
Released "Wireless Bridge BR-310AC" (OCT)
BR-400AN Released wireless LAN platform for embedded application “LB-100AN”(JAN)
Released "AP-501AC E model", a new access point for school (MAR)
Announced Mesh Wireless LAN Technology at the 6th IoT/M2M Expo (APR)
Released an 11ac access point with high-speed DFS technology (APR)
Released three wireless LAN modules: "SX-ULPGN" (2.4GHz), "SX-SDPAC" (2.4/5GHz), and "SX-PCEAD" (60GHz) (MAY)
Released "GDM-3250", a CAN/Serial wireless LAN bridge supporting video for working vehicles (JUL)
Released "SX-590", an 802.11ac intelligent wireless LAN module supporting outdoor use (SEP)
Announced the release schedule of AP-511AC, an access point with DFS monitoring/avoidance technology (NOV)
Announced to release "BR-400AN", a mesh network system which features the simple installation (DEC)

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